The main objectives of InterAc Salut Foundation are as follows:

  • Carrying out research on methods of teaching the health sciences by integrating both public and private initiatives. The methods are orientated to responding to the needs of our society.
  • Promoting innovation in training techniques.
  • Participate in the training of both healthcare professionals and academic researchers investigating in the field of health sciences following the integration of the Academy's Scientific Societies.
  • Strengthen the global presence of both scientific and academic research programs by means of establishing international links through the Academy's Scientific Societies.

In order to accomplish these goals, InterAc Salut Foundation carries out initiatives to:

  • Promote training activities which develop multidisciplinary subjects. These subjects allow the interaction among professionals from different knowledge fields and investigation areas.
  • Promote the creation of forums for discussion and knowledge transfer. These forums encourage the integration of knowledge derived from academia and from clinical practice and research.
  • Organise activities and promote publications which facilitate scientific dissemination among professionals, students and the society in general.
  • Establish cooperation agreements which favour:
    • Interaction among Health Science professionals and healthcare companies.
    • Interaction, cooperation and exchange among professionals from universities located outside Catalonia.
    • Encourage research activities promoted by investigation groups linked to InterAc Salut Foundation.
  • Promote teaching research, innovation and new teaching methods.